Happy, Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World

Act 1: Chapter 2

Heroic Adventures in Underland

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Our heroes set out to the Underland on a quest to find The Staff of Mysteries a cheaper, way worse staff than Rasker's and rescue the princess. To their surprise, the ruins of Monere were quite lively, with a fun, festive carnival, funnel cakes and games! After saying goodbye to soldiers JJ and JJ, Rat Scrotum and his pets, Wolfie-kouhai, Orcish Fratboy and Dad76, ventured down to the Underland, where they met lots of new friends. Rat Scrotum had a great time playing hide and seek with Sylock the Defiler and Orcish Fratboy picked up a mysterious shipment from an old pal. Then the gang got knocked out by a gaseous statue and had to be hauled to a tavern by Wolfie-kouhai, where there were lots of cute spiders and Alice the gothic Naga princess/part-time worker. After drinking their fill, our heroes were escorted to meet the Naga Queen Azshjara, who hired them to bring the staff to her instead of Mr. Bones. After a good night's sleep, the gang headed down to the tunnels of the Underland, fought a ton of slimes, released a shadow dragon, snuck past a mysterious sorceress frozen in ice, picked up a duck in a dungeon, and killed Rat Scrotum. Will our heroes find a way out of the winding tunnels? Will they uncover the secret of the staff's final resting place? WILL THE DUCK OF DOOM RETURN?!  Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World, episode 3: The Duck of Doom Returns!



“Will the Duck of Doom return?!? Find out next time on “Episode 3: The Duck of Doom Returns.”

Sweet foreshadowing that is right there.

Act 1: Chapter 2
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