Happy, Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World

Act I: Chapter 1

The Beginning of a Happy, Fun Adventure Time in a Fantasy World

Last time on Dragon Ball Z Game of Thrones Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World…

The Archduke Bengalor Crabbersnatch threw a killer party at his mansion in honor of the 20th Founder's Day. After a full night of fun festivities, all the guests were simply dead on their feet, and our heroes found themselves suddenly the center of attention. Rat Scrotum, that cheeky devil, took up skydiving as his subclass, while green Russel Brand, Wolfie-senpai, and Soldier 76 challenged the Duke's personal guard to a foot race. What fun! Oh, and Mr. Bones showed up to give the gang a quest to find The Staff of Mysteries a cheaper, way worse staff than Rasker's and rescue the princess. Then our heroes decided to take a vacation and set out to see the sights of old Monere. What's in store next for our adventurous trio plus one? Find out next time on Naruto Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World!



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