Happy, Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World

Act I: Chapter 3

The Duck of Doom Returns!

Last time on Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World…Our heroes continued faffing about underground in the Water Spout, a popular Spider bar. Rat-faced Rainman got super drunk and eventually passed out; Sir Fluffybutt-chan the 3rd put on a top hat and accidentally gave a Spider barback some bug spray to sniff; Soldier Seventy-Shoot-First-Ask-Questions-Later found a secret door with a mysterious puzzle, and Leeorc Jenkins, Lord of Ingesting Mysterious and Probably Poisonous Substances, had a lovely chat with a friendly Spider dad. After that, the gang successfully solved the mysterious puzzle and gained access to the secret room, where they found a lame emo diary, a sweet box full of absolutely nothing useful, and a super awesome trap door with a convenient tunnel leading out of the Underland. Naturally, the helpful knight burned a few casks of alcohol sitting at the bottom of the tunnel to keep everyone else from temptation. After fighting amongst themselves and then killing this poor shaman that just wanted to know what was in the box, our heroes hitched a ride to Aodalas and got a room at Safe House #4, the popular safe house owned by The Spreading Adventure all Over the World Brigade. What will our heroes do next? Will they find the legendary dragon Bahamut to find answers about the Staff of Mysteriously Disappearing's resting place? Will they join the Cult of the Nine? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World, Episode 4: “I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Join a Cult.”


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