Duke Bengalor Crabbersnatch

Wealthy Nobleman With Big Heart


Race: Elf
Age: 303
Class: Nobleman

Duke Bengalor Crabbersnatch currently serves as Chief Advisor to the throne and is one of the wealthiest nobles in the Consolidated Realm. He made his fortune primarily in the aftermath of The Schism and is considered a genius businessman considering his relatively young age. General opinion of him is very positive. He owns at least half of the Realm’s merchant vessels and businesses, plus is the main manufacturer and distributor of several key commodities, including spirits and liquors. The people consider him very generous, as he also founded several orphanages and employs more Underland races than any other business in the Realm.

He is hosting a gala celebrating the 20th anniversary of founding of the Consolidated Realm and has invited all the nobles in the Realm, including the Princess Alara Quadrakill. Rumor has it the duke is in love with the princess, having asked for her hand in marriage several times. However, she has not reciprocated.

Ranked #1 Businessman in the Realm
Winner of Realm Reader Weekly’s “Most Charming Smile Award” for the last five years
Voted the Realm’s most eligible bachelor

Duke Bengalor Crabbersnatch

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