Dedrick Quadrakill

Late King of the Consolidated Realm


Race: Human
Class: Warrior, Knight
Age: 57 at time of passing

King Dedrick Quadrakill started as a simple warrior during the years of peace before the Monere civil war and then The Schism. He was a knight of high standing with commoners and nobles alike, and a Underland sympathizer. When the civil war broke out, he sided with the pro-Underland faction and led as their general. After The Schism, he took his daughter (who was a year old at the time) and led his people north to start a new life in a new kingdom. Upon being crowned king, Quadrakill personally oversaw many of the elements of the Realm’s construction and founded the Realm Guard, the city’s defense force. He also commissioned the founding of the five official adventurers’ guilds. He passed away from an unknown illness shortly before the start of this campaign, leaving his daughter to rule as Queen Regent pending her official coronation.

Dedrick Quadrakill

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