Armor and Defense

Defense Rating

The defense rating is used when checking to see whether an attack hits.  A player's total defense rating is equal to their 10 + armor + dexterity.

  • Heavy armor: +5, [-2 penalty when traversing (climbing, swimming, jumping, etc.)]
  • Medium armor: +3
  • Light: +1

When taking damage, subtract your armor's bonus from the total damage dealt. You take the difference. If the damage is armor-piercing or otherwise ignores armor (magic), you take the full amount of damage. 

For example, a Knight class warrior wearing heavy armor is attacked with 12 damage from a sword. The knight loses the block and must take damage. They will take 12 damage minus their armor bonus, resulting in 7 damage. If the attack was armor-piercing or magical, they would take the full 12 damage.

Armor and Defense

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