After The Schism, Kobolds were one of the first races to successfully assimilate with the common humanoid races.  At first, they were mistaken as small Beastfolk, but after a few conversations with them, the humanoid citizens of The Consolidated Realm soon realized the Kobolds were a race all their own. Diminutive, fierce and agile, Kobolds enjoy dim, cozy spaces like caves and tunnels, and they prize candles above all else, as they do not have great vision in the dark. In fact, in Kobold culture, candles are so valuable that they accept only the Kobold with the longest, thickest candle as their leader, and in recent years, government officials and guards in The Consolidated Realm have taken to carrying around large candle sticks to make it easier to communicate with Kobolds.

Kobolds adapt quickly to any environment and are very in-tune with the earth, almost as much so as Elves. They especially excel at digging and were likely responsible, in part, for helping numerous creatures escape the Underland in the thousand years prior to The Schism. There is a common assumption that Kobolds are stupid, but in truth, they're actually really, incredibly, unbelievably stupid. However, it would be a mistake to assume all Kobolds lack intellect; many have studied hard and found success in numerous white collar professions, making their living as doctors, lawyers, actors, bankers, wizards, or politicians.

Due to their highly energetic, animated nature, Kobolds have no trouble making friends with people of other races, and many of the common humanoid races find Kobolds particularly endearing, allowing Kobolds to easily negotiate, bribe, deceive, banter, or otherwise interact with these races. They also tend to be fairly lucky, both in and out of combat.

Stat Modifiers

Kobolds start the game with 3 free points to place in any stat below.

Strength 1
Dexterity 3
Constitution 2
Intellect 0
Charisma 2
Wisdom 2

Racial Features

Candle! Mine!: Kobolds have at least one candle on their person at all times. Whenever a Kobold finds a candle when looting, stealing or receiving a reward, they must compare it to their current candle. If it is larger than their current candle, they gain +10 happiness and may brag about it for the next week.

It's a Trap!: Kobolds have a seemingly infinite supply of traps on their person at all times. These traps do no damage and cannot be used in combat. A kobold may attempt to trap any item at any time. They must pass a willpower check whenever adding a new item to their inventory to see if they resist the temptation to trap that item. If they fail, that item is trapped and the trap must be sprung or deactivated before it can be used.

Lucky Looter: Kobolds gain +1D6 silver whenever pick-pocketing, looting the room, looting bodies, looting treasure chests, stealing, finding money on the ground, etc. Any time loot is gained by a Kobold, they may add +1D6 of silver to their purse.

You no take candle!: Kobolds gain +1 dexterity in combat.

Slippery: Kobolds gain +1 to all dex rolls when adjacent to two or more heroes, enemies or NPCs.

Restrictions: Kobolds may play any class, but may not equip BIG items. If a Kobold's class would normally require the use of BIG items, the Kobold must choose an alternative item.

Some exclusions apply. See GM for details.