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A jack-of-all-trades warrior. Agile and powerful in close quarters; extremely adept at swordsmanship and handy with other weapons.

The knight is a heavily-armored combat physical class that can wield a variety of weapons. From lances and polearms to swords and shields, the knight is highly versatile and boasts high defense and health. They typically are employed either as soldiers under the crown's banners or as personal guards for noblemen. 

Armor Rating: Heavy Armor

Weapon Rating: Medium to Heavy weapons. Knights may equip one BIG item.


At level one, you gain the first two warrior class abilities and the level one knight class ability. From levels two through twenty, you may only choose one ability per level: the warrior ability or the knight ability. You may choose abilities from previous levels except on levels 5, 15 and 20. 

Level Warrior Ability  Knight Ability
1 Power Attack (active ability): When making an attack, before dice are rolled, you can exchange part of your Attack Bonus for a Damage Bonus, up to your maximum. Clobber (active ability) - Using his shield or the sheer weight of his weapon, the Knight can deliver a devastating blow to a target's head once per day, dealing maximum damage and leaving them Dazed for 1d3 rounds. The target is considered Challenged as by Defensive Stance.
1 Defensive Stance (active ability): Choose a single target. Instead of making an attack, you challenge your target, enticing them to attack you on their next action. If the target attacks you, you gain +2 to your defensive roll. If the target attacks an adjacent ally instead, you get an immediate free attack against the target with a +2 bonus to Attack and Damage.  
2 +1 Attack when outnumbering an opponent Wall of Steel (passive talent) - Gain +1 to Defense rating with shield or +1 to Parry attempts if using a great weapon.
3 +2 Squares to Charge distance Crushing Counterstrike (passive talent) - Upon a successful Counterattack, the target is Dazed for its next action and is considered Challenged as by Defensive Stance.
4 +1 to Defensive Stance rolls Into the Breach, You Dogs! (passive talent) – When Charging, the Knight crashes into enemy lines with such vigor that it inspires nearby allies, who gain +1 to Attack, Damage and Defense rolls for one round.
5   I Am Your Shield (active ability) - During his turn, a Knight may declare a single adjacent ally to be under his protection. While standing adjacent to this ally, the Knight may interpose himself between an enemy and his chosen ally, taking the attack on their behalf. Due to the sudden, reactionary nature of this action, the Knight suffers a -2 to Defense Rating if using a shield or -2 to Parry rolls if using a great weapon against this attack. The Knight may declare a different ally to be under his protection on his next turn.
6 +2 to Intimidate checks Threatening Presence (passive talent) – A Knight is an ever-present threat on the battlefield that cannot be ignored. All enemies within 15ft but not engaged with the Knight suffer a -1 penalty to Attack rolls.
7 +2 to saves against poison, disease and other such physical ailments Impenetrable Defense (passive talent) - Reduces multiple attackers penalty by 2 when using a shield and by 1 when using a great weapon.
8 +2 to Attack rolls Press the Advantage (passive talent) – When the Knight lands a successful blow against an enemy, if he inflicts half or more of his maximum potential damage, he can move his target 1 square in a direction of his choosing. The Knight may also move 1 square, without provoking any attacks from other enemies, provided he ends this move adjacent to the moved target.
9 +2 to Parry/Dodge rolls Ironclad (passive talent) - Armor is but a second skin to a Knight, who wears it with natural ease and knows where to take blows on the armor to maximize its effect with minimal damage. Armor penalties are reduced by 1 and Armor Rating is increased by 2.
10 Cleave (active ability) – Your attack carries through to a second adjacent target, using the same attack roll. Roll damage as normal for the second target. If either target is killed by this attack, you may carry through to a third adjacent target. Get Behind Me! (active ability) - A number of times per day equal to his Strength modifier, a Knight can grab an adjacent ally who has failed a Defensive roll and pull them directly behind him and out of harm's way. If the space directly behind the Knight is occupied, they are moved to the next closest space of the Knight's choosing. This frustrates the attacker, who is considered Challenged as by Defensive Stance.
11 +2 Attack and Damage on Charge Immovable Object (passive talent) - Enemies do not gain a bonus to Attack or Damage rolls when Charging a Knight. Furthermore, provided he sees the attack coming, the Knight cannot be forcibly moved by an opponent unless said opponent is two size categories larger.
12 -2 Armor penalties on actions Strike, Now! (passive talent) - Upon successfully defending against an attack, the Knight can forgo attempting a Counterattack and instead provoke an attack from an ally that is adjacent to the same target. This attack counts as a Counterattack and benefits from any Counterattack modifiers the ally may have.
13 +2 Non-combat Strength checks Watch Out! (passive talent) – When engaged with the same enemy, the Knight can warn a nearby ally of their maneuvers, conveying a +2 to defensive rolls against that enemy's attacks.
14 When using Power Attack, Attack-to-Damage conversion now occurs at a 1:2 ratio. (-1 Attack becomes +2 Damage) True Grit (passive talent) – Multiple scars are testament to the Knight's fortitude in battle. If the Knight suffers damage that would drop his HP to 0, he can make a Constitution test equal to the amount of remaining damage (once reduced to 0) to ignore the damage of that blow. He can only do this once per day.
15   Tantrum (active ability) – Once per day, the Knight can make a sweeping attack against all targets in a 180-degree arc in front of him with a mighty battlecry. This attack is rolled separately against each target at a +2 bonus and deals an extra 1d6 damage. All targets in range this attack, whether it hits or not, are considered Challenged as by Defensive Stance and must pass a Willpower test with a DC equal to 10 plus the Knight's Strength modifier or be Frightened for 1d3 rounds. Targets that are successfully hit by this attack suffer a -2 penalty to this test.
16 When using Defensive Stance, you may now challenge multiple enemies, up to a maximum equal to your Strength modifier. Aim For The Gaps! (passive talent) – When engaged with the same enemy, the Knight can spot the weaknesses in the enemies armor and tell allies where to aim. Allied standard attacks against this target bypass 2 points of Armor.
17 +2 Armor rating Extreme Prejudice (passive talent) – When attacking an enemy that is engaged with an ally, the Knight deals an extra 1d6 damage. This bonus stacks with any and all applicable damage modifiers.
18 +5 HP per level (retroactive) Have Another One! (passive talent) – When spending stunt points, the Knight can use the same stunt a second time(if applicable) for half the cost. If the stunt costs a single point, he can use it a second time for free. The Knight can only double down on a single stunt.
19 +1d6 Damage on Counterattacks Dominating Presence (passive talent) - Amplify penalties for enemies affected by Clobber, Crushing Counterstrike, Threatening Presence and Tantrum by 2.
20   Last Stand (active ability) – Once per day, the Knight draws a line in the sand and becomes a nearly indestructible force of nature. All enemies within 20ft are considered Challenged as by Defensive Stance and suffer a -4 to all Attack rolls if they do not attack the Knight. For a number of rounds equal to his Constitution modifier, the Knight gains +2 to Defense Rating with shields or +2 Parry with great weapons, +2 Armor Rating, +2 Attack, and +1d6 Damage on all attacks. If the Knight's HP falls to 0 while this ability is active (and is not saved by True Grit), the Knight can make a single whirlwind attack against all adjacent foes (rolled once for all targets, roll damage individually) with an extra 2d6 damage.

Link to Knight Class Tree

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