Naga prefer damp spaces and made their home near underground lakes and puddles following the founding of The Underland. Following The Schism, many Naga grouped up to form a colony along the beach outside the capitol in The Consolidated Realm. Taking a keen interest in aquatic industries, the Naga led the way in developing the bustling trade harbor in the city's bay and many have become quite wealthy from the endeavor. Naga typically take up work as sailors, fishmongers, ferrymen, tour guides, adventure cruise travel agents, and ship builders, but some also take up more lucrative careers as pirates or union bosses.

Naga are, on average, around six feet tall from head to tail. They have humanoid torsos with 4-6 arms and a long, scaly tail. Their faces are dragon-like and contain poisonous fangs, and males and females alike sport razor-sharp fins on their heads and cheeks. Their coloring is very vibrant, from hues of green and gold to bright red and orange. They can breathe underwater for up to an hour and excel at swimming. Their culture once had many complex laws and customs, many of which the Naga themselves struggled to remember. However, in recent times, the Naga have turned their interest to gold and value wealth above all else. Their family and ruling structure is largely matriarchal, but that, too, seems to be changing as males take up lucrative partnerships with wealthy businessmen from the Consolidated Realm.

Naga do not like to act alone. They prefer to travel, live and fight with other people and are highly communal. However, individually, Naga are known for their cunning and intellect. When a group of Naga gathers, their enemies should beware. In their case, two (or two dozen) heads are better than one. They are also territorial, loathing occasions where they are forced to share their home with other races and, among all the Underland races, have the most tenuous relationship with other races. The exception to this is elves; due to the long lifespans and accumulated wealth, the Naga respect and even admire elves.

Stat Modifiers

Naga start the game with 3 free points to place in any stat below.

Strength 2
Dexterity 2
Constitution 1
Intellect 3
Charisma 0
Wisdom 2

Racial Features

Water-Breathing: Naga can breathe underwater for up to an hour.

Halitosis: Damage from a Naga bite inflects +2 poison damage per hour until cured.

Greed: Naga gain +2 charisma when haggling or negotiating price. They also sell items for 10% more than the regular value.

Restrictions: Naga may play any class and equip any weapon they are trained in, within reason, regardless of whether or not its color scheme clashes with their scales.

Some exclusions apply. See GM for details.