Once word leaks out that a swashbuckler has gone soft, people begin to disobey you and then it's nothing but work, work, work, all the time.

Masters of the seas and seekers of treasure, swashbucklers specialize in the peaceful, albeit dishonest, acquisitions of ship and cargo, but also do a brisk trade in putting knives to peoples' throats and shouting at them if the situation requires it. They pillage, plunder, rifle, and loot, but also know their way around a good, old-fashioned duel. After a long career on the water, swashbucklers are light on their feet and dance flashy circles around their larger, stronger enemies in a fight. 

Armor rating: light armor

Weapon rating: light to medium weapons

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Sneaky Bastards

The shadow in the streets, the scoundrel in the sheets, the master of disguise, and the knife at your throat.

Sneaky bastards are a class made up of thieves, scoundrels, con men, spies, and tricksters. Deception and misdirection are their tools. They don’t believe in hard work when a false face and a good lie can do so much more. They walk undetected among the common folk and noble class alike, thieving and embezzling their livings from the world around them. 

Normal Armor rating: light armor

Disguised Armor rating: Subclass' armor rating with appropriate penalties

Weapons rating: medium to light weapons

Disguised Weapon Ratings: Subclass' weapon rating with appropriate penalties

Note: The Sneaky Bastard is a very unique class. Their core ability is disguising themselves as other classes. When they aren't in disguise, they use the Rogue archetype's abilities. When in disguise, they use the abilities of whatever class they are pretending to be. Very handy for making up for weaknesses in a party, scheming sneaky subterfuges, and generally performing shenanigans. 

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Death walks among you. Or above you. Or something.

Assassins are professionals in the age-old killing industry.  For a price, they will eliminate any target, no questions asked. Like other rogues, assassins are very skilled at operating covertly, stealthy and silently. These contract killers tend to be weak in a fair fight, as they prefer to take advantage of the element of surprise to hit their marks. However, that does not mean assassins only strike from the shadows. Master craftsmen of death, they achieve their ends using every technique at their disposal, including disguises, seduction, poisons, and creating tragic accidents.

Armor rating: light armor

Weapon rating: light weapons

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Everyone should be able to do one card trick, tell two jokes, and recite three poems in case they are ever trapped in a carriage for a 3-week journey across country.

Thespians are masters of storytelling, acting and playing music. They specialize in captivating an audience, something that comes in handy when they are serving as a distraction for some larger scheme or conning a group of nobles out of their fortunes. This class prefers a support role and does not fair well in one-on-one combat. However, a powerful thespian can provide a great advantage to their party, boosting the confidence and power of their team and striking fear into the hearts of enemies.

Armor rating: light armor

Weapon rating: light weapons

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