Happy, Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World

A Tale of Two Sisters

Or The Story of How Everything Got Rekt

As the party unwinds from their travels, the mighty, impressive dragon Bahamut begins to speak.

Tens of thousands of years ago, back in a time when gods freely intervened in the world and dragons still soared the sky in great numbers, a time before the underland, a time when all races fought and lived and worked as one on the continent, two sisters appeared in Forlonde, much in the same way Amelia did. The younger sister, Arturia, was fair and shone brightly, her great sword glinting in the sunlight. She was bold and won the hearts of mortals across the land. Eventually, she became king of a mighty people and thus, the Kingdom of Monere was born. The older sister, Morgana, was dark and beautiful, bearing a powerful staff that could produce fine magic that was the envy of every caster in the land. However, she was also jealous of her younger sister's fame and power. She sought power of her own, and in her quest for power, stumbled across an ancient vault. With her staff, she unknowingly released a great evil on the land from that vault. Once she realized what she had done, she trembled at the power in her hands. Then, resolved, she used the staff to take control of that evil and marched across the land. Now, this is the point where our histories collide. There was a young shadow dragon, Morded, who idolized the older sister. He vowed to be her steed, to carry her where no other would. And so Morgana and Morded led an attack against the city of Monere. Two elder time dragons, Nidhogg and Ouroboros, were slain defending the city, and thousands of people were killed. Arturia held fast though, and with her mighty sword Excalibur vanquished hundreds of creatures in the evil army. But for every one she killed, a dozen more appeared as if from thin air. Arturia fell and the city was overrun; the remaining elder time dragons called upon the gods to intervene. Mighty Vallanus roared down from the sky in his chariot and struck down thousands of the creatures, while Lunara saw to Morgana. Seizing the staff and encasing Morgana in ice, Lunara sealed away the evil creatures in the vault from whence they came. Morgana was also sealed away in the vault. The young dragon was imprisoned deep underground as punishment for his treachery, far from the sky he loved to fly so well. 

The dragon stops for a moment to pour the kobold some more popcorn and refresh everyone's ale mugs.

Thirty years ago, the hero Amelia went down into that vault and came out with the staff. She did not come out unchanged. The revolution began shortly after. During the war, Queen Azshara requested to study the entrapped Morgana. I disagreed, but eventually the council gave in. Five members of the council went to retrieve the body: Kabyr, Praedyt, Pahaniin, and Ryujin. Only one, Ryujin, made it back out, leaving us with only six of the original elder time dragons: myself, Kur, Savathun, Grendel, Kilgharrah, and Ryujin. And her, of course, though she is no longer entirely one of us. We used the orb to seal the vault shut with that cursed staff and the great evil it unleashed inside. That orb is your key to getting into the vault.

The dragon pauses for a moment and then looks at each person in turn — a bit regretfully, as if he acknowledges the fruitlessness of what he is about to say next.

A week ago, I would never have told you this. But now, Morgana has been awoken and even now she seeks to regain her former strength. You have a strange potential about you — you must become stronger and then stop her from entering the vault and regaining the staff. If she or anyone else who can use the staff awakens the evil that lives in that vault, there will be no saving us this time. The gods will not answer. The world rests on your shoulders, gods help us all.


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