Happy, Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World

Act II: Episode 2

Metal Gear Rasker V: Grandma Heroes.

Last time on Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World…Rasker, Valdur and Vladimir played a game of hide and sneak with a bunch of slave caravan guards, banished Lady H’iss 2.0 to another dimension, had their fortunes read, got a new pet, and moved permanently to a quaint, off-map countryside town where they’ve been invited to dinner with a vampire. Now the gang is enjoying their free time exploring the home of Count Von Strahd, the vampire of Barovia, with the help of their new friends: Vareena the newborn banshee and Helga the maid. What will happen next? Will Vladimir figure out how to fix the bridge? Will Rasker find more cookies? Will Valdur help more hunnies turn into banshees? Find out next time on Act II, Episode 3: Crasher-Vania.


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