Happy, Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World

Act II, Episode 3


Last time on Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World…

Our merry band had an excellent time at Count Strahd’s killer house party and everyone lived happily ever after.

Just kidding.

The gang continued to explore Count Strahd's mansion, discovering some sinister mad science along the way. Baron Banana-Hammock had a rendezvous with a tentacled hentai beast in an underground lake while Dexter and Dee Dee leveled up their chemistry in the vampire's laboratory. After a while, the gang was able to reunite — just in time for the Baron to get an incurable case of "punching a thrall in the face." Aided by their new ally Omnigul, our heroes fought off waves of thrall, spiders, tentacles, bats, and other nonsense. After that, an accidental discovery of a trap door led to the vampire's vault, which contained some pretty sweet loot. 

After suiting up, the gang realized they were locked into the vault with no way out. Fortunately, maid Helga saved the day by letting them out….right in front of Count Strahd. Baron Banana-Hammock was once again afflicted with a terrible case of punching things in the face and punched Strahd right in the mouth. That went over about as well as expected. With the boss fight triggered, the end was in clear sight! Also, maid Helga turned out to be an evil vampire mistress with a charming whisper. Fighting bravely and doing his best impression of a Genji escaping a Mercy, the Baron punched everything in the face while Wolf Genji ran around anime-style (for maximum speed) to kill everything with his stabby-slashy sword. Master Splinter placed traps and laid out some heals, Omnigul screamed a lot, and Doggo bamboozled the bad guys to heck and back. After a long, draining battle, our heroes were victorious, took a nap, and lived happily ever after.

Just kidding.

They aren’t getting off the hook that easily. They still have a magical stick to find and a princess to rescue, so tune in next time for Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World Act II: Episode 4 – Worst. Roadtrip. Ever. Of All Time.


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