Happy, Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World

Happy Fun Adventure Time in a Fantasy World Act III, Episode 1

Brunch on Meat Mountain.

Last time on Happy Fun Adventure Time in a Fantasy World….

Still in the wrong bodies, our heroes walked in on a tavern brawl and met with some interesting beastfolk who had apparently escaped the gladiatorial life in the Teraphobian Empire. The beastfolk directed the gang to Gordon, their contact in the poor district of the empire that had helped them escape through the use of a vaccine for the thrall juice currently being manufactured by the empire.  In return, our heroes recommended that the beastfolk head to Blackfen keep and then The Consolidated Realm, where they would be welcomed (probably).

After a terrible night’s rest, the gang made contact with Mr. Bones, who haphazardly answered some of their questions to some extent and then tried to head back through a portal to carry on with his important business elsewhere. The Kobold managed to lay a trap and catch Mr. Bones halfway between worlds, and together, a human dressed as a fuzzy samurai wolf, a kobold dressed as a mostly nude orc, a wolfman dressed as a shiny clink clank knight, and an orc dressed as a scuzzy rat lizard made their way into the bright lights, hustle and bustle of a thriving metropolis…..in another world. After some ultimatums and some weird looks from people who obviously lack an appreciation for cosplay, the gang convinced Mr. Bones to let the cat out of the bag. After releasing the cat, Mr. Bones told of portals connecting to different points in the world and promised to take our heroes back to where they belong. He also told them that he wanted the Staff of Mysteries to restore Morgana to her rightful place as queen of the faeries and to destroy the Teraphobian Empire and stuff. Seemingly satisfied with that response, the heroes let Mr. Bones go and he took them to a portal guarded by some kind of lady knight on horseback. There, Mr. Bones hid while the heroes went back to their own world.

With Faerie Quest #1 out of the way, everyone went back to the fae forest and turned in the quest. The Fae Queen Nero made Barnes give the heroes back their proper bodies and then issued the next quest: find the key to get into the vault. She didn’t give any clues beyond a promise to send them a messenger later.

Restored to their proper forms, the Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, the Huntsman, and Grandma-if-Grandma-was-an-Orc-and-also-a-Dude lined up to get inside the empire to meet Gordon. Gordon turned out to be Mr. Bones’ (also known as Faedick) brother, and he gave everyone an antidote for the thrall juice, plus placed everyone in disguise as an elf so that the party may move freely around the Empire. He told them to watch out for the sentinels though, robot centaur dudes that can detect this kind of disguise.

Anyway, everyone headed to the business district on very important business after that, where they learned even more about Emperor Joffrey’s empire-wide celebrations for his 13th birthday. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? Will something happen? Will it not? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON Happy Fun Adventure Time in a Fantasy World Act III, Episode 2: The DM Needs a Nap.


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