Happy, Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World

Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World Act III, Episode 2

The DM Needs a Nap

Last time on Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World….

Our heroes set about exploring Eglath, the capital city of the Teraphobian Empire. Everyone wanted to get out of the poor district, but the gates leading to the nicer parts of town were blocked off by guards and sentinels! Fortunately, the orc brawler turned out to be a rogue in disguise and was able to sneakily sneak past a sentinel and throw a rope over the wall to the rest of the crew. However, in the process of dramatically revealing that he was a rogue, green Sly Cooper managed to get spotted by a sentinel and raise an alarm. The rest of the party watched from the bar patio as guards looked everywhere for the intruder, had a good chuckle, and then made their way to the wall and eventually found the rope to get up and over. Captain Bark and Bigger, Noisier Clank had no problems getting up the wall, but Ratchet and Doggo were still on the ground when some guards spotted the activities. Working together and using Bigger, Noisier Clank as a counterweight, the gang heaved Ratchet over the wall atop Doggo’s back in a cloud of smoke, much to the shock and awe of the guards.

With that settled, our heroes immediately went to the bar and engaged in fisticuffs with a drunken dwarf (the only kind of dwarf, really), and then spent a relaxing evening resting in their rooms. The next day, everyone went to get in line at Future Corp, the corp of the future, where an elf and foxgirl were giving a presentation on some new thrall juice their company was releasing to the public during the emperor’s birthday week. Apparently, Justice Bark liked the foxgirl or something, because he stalked her to her another room after the presentation for an impromptu interrogation. The fox called security and her husband, that one elf from the presentation, and had Justice Bark hauled off to jail without passing go or collecting $200. The rest of the gang snatched as many vials of thrall juice possible and watched as Justice Bark, no longer disguised as an elf, was taken to the pound, borking and snarling all the way.

Thinking it would be best to split the party here, Ash and Pikachu went to the magic shop to buy some magic stones, stopped by the smithy to place an order for a weapons upgrade, and located a cheap tavern to rent a room and drink while in town. Meanwhile, Officer Jenny questioned a slave trader and gained intel about the coliseum where Mightyena was being held. Sneaking in, the officer located the suspect and then went to retrieve the rest of the party for a jailbreak. The gang then went on to murder a patrol of guards and slipped back to the tavern, where they slept the few remaining hours of the night.

What will happen next? Will Justice Bark get his shit back? Will Pikachu use a thunder stone? Will Ash win the championship? (lol no) Will Officer Jenny protect the Pokémon from Team Rocket?! FIND OUT NEXT TIME on Happy Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World Act III, Episode 3: What Does the Fox Say?


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