Happy, Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World

Patch Notes 1.01

Notes Regarding the Latest Patch

  • Moved katana to the Heavy Weapons category so that samurai feel useful
  • Increased movement speed penalties for large shield so knights can’t be so speedy
  • Nerfed short blades and hatchets when single-wielded and clarified benefits of dual-wielding.
  • Removed water from chambers where slimes are present
  • Buffed all enemy defenses on days ending in “y”
  • Reduced amiability of all NPCs by 10 due to the Shadow Dragon incident
  • Nerfed Mr. Bones and increased respawn timer by one turn
  • Buffed Alice due to shady characters in her workplace. She now gains +10 when making a perception check
  • Increased penalties for treason against Archduke Cribberfits


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