Happy, Fun Adventure Times in a Fantasy World

Patch Notes 1.02


  • Damage modifier on weapons reduced to ½ level + (str/dex/wis/etc).
  • Attacks that cannot be dodged or blocked only hit if the roll to hit is equal to or greater than the target’s AC

General Mage:

  • Increased healing output of lesser healing
  • Changed wording to clarify the effect of Barrier Defense

Explosion Mage

  • Changed Infallible Boundary passive to reflect update to Barrier Defense
  • Changed wording to clarify the effect of Frenzied Blaze
  • Adjusted mana cost on Chuunibyou to vary by the spell chosen
  • Changed wording to clarify the effect of Dark Flame Master


  • Upgraded Fist Weapons to provide an off-hand attack as a bonus action. Does naked 2D6. Clarified that main hand attack uses 2D6 + ½ Level + Strength OR Dex.


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