Lord Valur S'tari

Baron of Trade and Commerce and the Adopted Son of King Dedrick Quadrakill


Race: Orc

Age: 28

Occupation: Everyone knows the tale of the young orcling who was taken in by King Quadrakill after his parents were brutally murdered by a gang of killers from the Teraphobian Empire. A shining example of Overland and Underland cooperation, that young orc grew into Lord Valus S’tari, one of the realm’s most well-known young noblemen. As the adopted son of Dedrick Quadrakill, late King of the Consolidated Realm, he enjoys a barony in the financial district of the realm, overseeing sales regulations and trade taxes. Due to his imposing size and demeanor, he has quite a reputation for being a man of his word, as well as his fists, but it’s important not to judge an orc by his looks alone. On the average weekday, you’ll find the Baron enthralled by ledgers and papers and other work that the would set the average person’s head spinning. On the weekends, however, he is almost always engaged in the simple, noble, gentlemanly sports of boxing, dueling and wrestling. He is a guest of honor at the Founder’s Day Gala and is expected to accompany his sister and Queen Regent, Princess Alara Quadrakill, to enjoy the festivities.

Lord Valur S'tari

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