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New Item Acquired: Mysterious Journal

Found in a small personal quarters in the Underland

The entries below were found in a journal on a small writing desk in a room in the Underland. The room contained a bed, some clothing, a cloak, an oil lamp, and the desk. Everything in the room is coated in a thick layer of dust. This appears to be a new journal, as only the first 3 pages have any text. 

Day 17 of Firemoot, the year 1010

Everything is nearly ready for our plan. The new city is nearly done, according to reports from Lord Crabbersnatch and his merchant's guild, and Dedrick has taken our daughter north so she won't be near Monere when it starts. It's too tedious waiting around down here, but I have no choice. Dedrick fears the enemy's assassins and I must keep watch over the staff or everything will have been for nothing. The Underlanders are ready — Queen Azshara has assured me that the many who will be resettling in the overworld are fit and able should they get involved in the battle overhead. If all goes well, however, I should be able to disrupt the fight and get everyone to safety. Azshara has demanded that her throne take the staff into its care afterward. I suppose there's no harm in it. If Bahamut is correct, there are only 3 people in this world that can wield it anyway: one is but a babe, one is (supposedly) imprisoned for eternity, and well, I'm right here. Dedrick insists we ought to destroy it afterward…but I don't know…We have stories in my world of powerful weapons like this, but I'd always thought they were myths. There's still too much to discover about Forlonde and all of Eao, really. Ah, I've started rambling again. I've been down here too long. I miss the sky.

Day 22 of Firemoot, the year 1010

Dedrick returned today. He was carrying a small orc child. Apparently its parents were killed in the night by the enemy's assassins. They must have been brave to have been living on the surface in times like these. Dedrick insists on raising the child. I can't say I disapprove; it may send a good message if Dedrick is to become king like the rumors suggest. I don’t know what my place will be after all this. As long as Alara is safe, I really don't care. The preparations are complete. All we do now is wait for Herzog and his treacherous men to bring the fight to Monere.

Day 23 of Firemoot, the year 1010

It's finally happening. I can hear the chaos above, even through all the earth and stone overhead. Dedrick will send a messenger when it's time, but I'm anxious to get out there. The others down here are restless, as well. Captain Haku and his beastfolk seem to be the only ones at ease. There have been at least 5 fights in the orc camp tonight and the Naga soldiers have been downing grog since noon. The captains have been sending scouts through the passage hourly to make sure the path will be clear for me when it's time. I just hope it isn't too late by then.


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