About Samurai

A swift specialist in the blade who makes for a tricky target.

Samurai are skilled swordsmiths and formidable warriors. They prize honor and chivalry above all else, but do not hesitate to exact vengeance where they see fit. A samurai is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all types of armor, but not with shields. However, they prefer light, agile swords, as it is said that a Samurai's soul lives in his or her sword. Unlike other warrior classes, Samurai armor is made with mobility and dexterity in mind. Enemies may, at first glance, underestimate a Samurai's power with their light blade and ornate armor. However, by the point they have realized their mistake, they'll likely have been torn to pieces.

Armor Rating: Heavy Armor

Weapon Rating: Medium Weapons


At level one, you gain the first two warrior class abilities and the level one Samurai class ability. From levels two through twenty, you may only choose one ability per level: the warrior ability or the Samurai ability. You may choose abilities from previous levels except on levels 5, 15 and 20.  

Level Warrior Ability Samurai ability
1 Power Attack (active ability): When making an attack, before dice are rolled, you can exchange part of your Attack Bonus for a Damage Bonus, up to your maximum. Perfect Cut (active ability) – Once per day, the Samurai can focus on making the perfect strike, taking a Full Round Action to make a single, flawless attack. If this attack hits, it deals maximum damage and generates 6 Stunt Points.
1 Defensive Stance (active ability): Choose a single target. Instead of making an attack, you challenge your target, enticing them to attack you on their next action. If the target attacks you, you gain +2 to your defensive roll. If the target attacks an adjacent ally instead, you get an immediate free attack against the target with a +2 bonus to Attack and Damage.  
2 +1 Attack when outnumbering an opponent Greased Lightning (passive talent) - Gain +2 to your first roll of a combat encounter, be it Parry/Counterattack or Attack. Can make a number of Counterattacks per round equal to Dexterity modifier.
3 +2 Squares to Charge distance Coiled Viper (passive talent) - +2 Counterattack damage, inflict 1d6 Bleed damage for 1d3 rounds.
4 +1 to Defensive Stance rolls Courage and Honor (passive talent) - Gain +2 against Fear tests and provide a +1 bonus against Fear to all nearby allies.
5   Piercing Lotus (active ability) - A number of times per day equal to half his character level, a samurai can make a penetrating strike that cuts through even the sturdiest armor, bypassing its damage reduction and reducing its reduction by 2 for the rest of the encounter (reduction does not stack on same target).
6 +2 to Intimidate checks Sashimono (passive talent) - Wear a sashimono banner on your back. All allies who can see the banner gain a +1 morale bonus to all attack rolls and skill checks. Only applies during combat.
7 +2 to saves against poison, disease and other such physical ailments Web of Steel (passive talent) - Reduces multiple attackers penalty to Parry rolls by 1.
8 +2 to Attack rolls Yojimbo (passive talent) - Can attempt to deflect an attack made against an adjacent ally. This attempt must be made before the ally attempts a Parry and only one attempt can be made against a single attack. If the Parry fails, the Samurai takes the blow instead of the intended target. This Parry cannot be followed up with a Counterattack.
9 +2 to Parry/Dodge rolls Flashing Steel (passive talent) - +2 to Parry rolls, +2 to Counterattack rolls and Counterattack damage.
10 Cleave (active ability) – Your attack carries through to a second adjacent target, using the same attack roll. Roll damage as normal for the second target. If either target is killed by this attack, you may carry through to a third adjacent target. Calm the Raging Storm (active ability) - Once per day, the Samurai can steel himself for an onslaught of enemy attacks. As a Full Round action, the Samurai enters a defensive stance, makes no movement or attacks, and gains a +2 to all Parry rolls until he exits this stance. While in this stance, the samurai suffers no penalties from multiple attackers, can defend against attacks made from behind, and can make an unlimited number of Counterattacks for as long as this ability is active.
11 +2 Attack and Damage on Charge Sword Saint (passive talent) – The samurai's skill and might are unstoppable. An attack made from a Charge cannot be Dodged or Parried and inflicts an extra 1d6 damage. Block attempts with a shield suffer a -2 to their Defense Rating.
12 -2 Armor penalties on actions Sixth Sense (passive talent) - By focusing his will, the samurai no longer needs to see his target to strike true. Suffer no penalties when fighting invisible enemies or in total darkness.
13 +2 Non-combat Strength checks Act as One (passive talent) - If engaging the same enemy with an ally, both the samurai and an adjacent ally gain +2 to attack rolls against the target.
14 When using Power Attack, Attack-to-Damage conversion now occurs at a 1:2 ratio. (-1 Attack becomes +2 Damage) Bushido (passive talent) - The samurai embraces the possibility of his own death and faces his end with grim determination. Gain Immunity to Fear and do not suffer the extra -1 penalty to rolls when below 25% HP.
15   Blaze of Glory (Active Ability) – When making a Charge attack, the samurai can move through squares occupied by enemies, traveling up to his maximum charge distance to the primary target. The samurai may make a single attack against each target along his path at a +2 bonus but can only Dodge any Counterattacks made against him, though at a +2 bonus.
16 When using Defensive Stance, you may now challenge multiple enemies, up to a maximum equal to your Strength modifier. Divine Avalanche (passive talent) - Damage reduction from enemy armor is reduced by half against your Counterattacks.
17 +2 Armor rating The Lotus Drops (passive talent) - The Knock Prone stunt costs half as many stunt points and can immediately followed up by a standard attack.
18 +5 HP per level (retroactive) Gambler's Cut (passive talent) – When you roll doubles, you may choose to reroll the die that determines the number of stunt points generated but you must take the new result.
19 +1d6 Damage on Counterattacks Soaring Dragon (passive talent) - Upon successfully landing a Counterattack, the samurai can make a second counterattack against the same target.
20   Golden Dragonfly (ultimate Active Ability) – The samurai unleashes a flurry of dashing strikes, making a Charge attack against up to 6 targets within a 15ft/3 square reach, choosing a single target as the primary. The last attack must be made against the primary target and if there are fewer than 6 targets within reach, remaining attacks are directed at the primary target.