World History and Setting

A War Throughout the Ages

Since the dawning of time on the continent of Forlonde, a continent in the world of Teranya, members of the five civilized races (human, elf, dwarf, gnome, and halfling) fought the ever-growing population of monsters. Composed of brutish orcs, fierce beastmen, barbaric gnoles, kobolds and naga, and various other races, the monsters were considered the greatest threat the world had ever seen. The civilized races united and, over the course of several hundred years, repelled back the monster armies. With a powerful spell from an enchanted staff during the final battle, the noble King Delidan, leader of the civilized races, imprisoned every surviving monster underground at the climax of the final battle. The staff was lost during the aftermath of the battle, not to be seen again for a thousand years.

A Thousand Years of Peace and Accomplishment

Over the next thousand years, the civilized races thrived. They built a grand city that was considered by many the crowning achievement of the civilized races worldwide. People came from all over just to see the tall buildings, fantastic magics, wonderful technologies, and to experience all the sights, sounds and smells of Monere, the shining city. Despite the occasional escape of a monster or two from their underground prison, Forlonde was at peace. The city of Monere would send out adventurers to secure or eliminate any wandering monsters that were reported, and all was well.

The Hero That Changed Everything

However, this peace was not to last. In the year 7290, roughly a millennia after the monster races were sealed underground,  a new hero appeared in Monere. She went by the name Amelia. Nobody knows where she came from or how she appeared in the city square out of thin air, but she soon become the land's most famous adventurer. Her strange, powerful weapon could kill anyone she pointed the tip towards, and her clothes, while practical for her profession, were of a strange cut and fabric. For ten years, the fiery-headed Amelia roamed the land, claiming any monster bounty too challenging for the average adventurer. One day, she returned a completely changed person. She took to proclaiming the innocence of the monster races, insisting that they deserved a chance to live among the elves, humans, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings that comprised Forlande's overland population.

The Schism

Over time, the hero Amelia gained an impressive following and a civil war broke out across the land over the issue the monsters' imprisonment. The war raged for years, coming to a head within the shining city of Monere itself. At the height of that last, terrible battle, the hero Amelia emerged, bearing a staff. With a shout, she raised the staff above her head and slammed it into the ground. All fighting immediately ceased as the ground underneath the city started to open up and monsters of every shape and size started to pour out of the widening chasm. People fled in all directions, the monster sympathizers running north and the resistance fleeing south. Eventually, two new cities were formed from the surviving populations and the entire event simply became known as "The Schism."

Two Kingdoms

Over the next decade and a half, those supportive of integrating with monsters (now called "underlanders") established the Consolidated Realm, a kingdom where underlander and overlander alike could live and work together in harmony. Naturally, many underlanders were suspicious of such a kingdom, but with time, a few races accepted the idea and now live as free citizens of the Consolidated Realm in the north. To the south, the remaining overland races formed The Teraphobian Empire and vowed to undo The Schism. While the two kingdoms are not openly at war, tensions have remained high.

Where We Find Ourselves Now

The questline of this campaign is set 20 years after The Schism in the Consolidated Realm. The capitol is a bustling port city with five official adventuring guilds dedicated to keeping the peace in the countryside, a budding Realmguard that's always looking for new recruits to preserve the peace within the city, a thriving market overseen by nobles that either sided with the underlanders prior to The Schism or that made their fortunes in the aftermath, and a large variety of shops, taverns, libraries, academies, and other establishments commonly found in civilized places.

World History and Setting

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