Long ago, villagers used to gather around the fire and share stories of dangerous, ghastly, brutish monsters that made a habit of terrorizing farms, eating children, littering, and generally causing chaos. They called them werecreatures, and the stories of their evil deeds would vary by the telling. In one town, you may hear of a particularly picky werewolf that would only hunt down blonde little girls. In another town, you might learn of a werelion that walked on its back two legs, wore plate armor, had excellent table manners, and harbored an unfortunate fascination with gnomes. There's even a legend about a group of androgynous werecats that marched into a small city, declared themselves gods, and made the citizens their slaves.

Long story short, the world learned that these stories were unsubstantiated following The Schism. Prior to that point, many Beastfolk still lived underground, though there were plenty of groups that made their way to the surface and created their own communities far from the city. As The Consolidated Realm worked to protect the rights of non-humanoid races, more and more Beastfolk emerged from hiding to live openly and freely among other peoples and even acted as ambassadors to other creatures from the Underland . However, despite general tolerance, and even acceptance, of their existence, they are still shunned and looked upon with distrust by many people.

A hardy, powerful race, Beastmen (and Beastwomen) adapt easily to many different climates and live very similarly to humanoids. Far from the brutish monsters of nightmares, the only thing that separates a Beastman or Beastwoman from any other person is their animalistic appearance. The Beastfolk take a variety of forms. From lions, tigers and bears to crabs, monkeys and snails to wolves, wolf spiders and the Virginia Woolfsnake, there seems to be no end to the types of Beastfolk still being discovered even today.

Stat Modifiers

Choose the type of Beastman or Beastwoman you will be. For example, are you a large and fuzzy wolf? A small, scaly and bratty lizard? Mid-sized alpaca with blazing red eyes, bulging muscles and a penchant for chewing tobacco? Hell, you can just have cat ears and a tail with a human body if you don't feel like being a giant, walking fuzzball — nobody cares, we're all friends here, pal. At the start of the game, add 3 points to any of the stat modifiers below.

Strength 3
Dexterity 2
Constitution 2
Intellect 1
Charisma 2
Wisdom 0

Racial Features

Night Vision: +1 to perception rolls when in the dark. These points may stack with other abilities.

Prowl: Add +1 to attack roll when making a surprise attack. These points may stack with other abilities.

Scary Face: Beastfolk gain +1 to their roll when attempting to intimidate or threaten the following races: human, elf, gnome, dwarf, halfling, orc. These points may stack with other abilities.

Restrictions: Beastfolk may play any class and equip any weapon they are trained in, within reason, regardless of whether or not their real-life animal counterpart has thumbs.

Some exclusions apply. See GM for details.