Elves are the most long-lived race in all of Teranya (with the exception, of course, of the great Time Dragons) and make up much of the noble class in The Consolidated Realm. Known for their long ears, lithe forms, pale skin, and smooth, silky hair, this androgynous race is completely in-tune with nature and is dedicated to protecting the wilds and growing their own personal fortunes.

Elves value their privacy and generally prefer to be among their own kind, if they must be around anyone at all. They consider themselves responsible for the younger races and regularly give charity to those less fortunate than them. Elves have been seen helping cobblers produce enough shoes for the winter, baking cookies in trees to give to the needy, crafting toys for children for the Winter Solstice, and gathering mana to turn into crystals for easy, on-the-go consumption.

While they may seem cold and standoffish at first, elves are generally quite nice once you get to know them. They view some other races with suspicion, such as gnomes and dwarves, plus most of the races that once dwelt underground, but it's nothing personal. Elves have a natural affinity for ranged or magical combat, as they prefer to stay out of harm's way when possible, but can handle swords and daggers without much trouble, as well, in part due to their agility and fancy footwork.

Racial Stats

Elves start the game with 3 free points to place in any stat below.

Strength 1
Dexterity 2
Constitution 1
Intellect 2
Charisma 2
Wisdom 2

Racial Features

Long-Lived: On average, elves live 500-600 years. They are considered adults in Elven culture at the age of 100.

Knife-Ears: Elves have larger ears than most races and can hear more effectively because of that. Elves have +1 to their perception roles when eavesdropping, sneaking, tracking, or listening for their friend's voice in a crowded, noisy amphitheater.

Agile Fighter: Elves gain +1 to dexterity for each adjacent enemy. These points may stack with other abilities.

Restrictions: Elves may play any class and equip any weapon they are trained in, within reason, regardless of whether or not they look silly doing it.

Some exclusions apply. See GM for details.