Whenever you make an ability check and roll doubles, you generate Stunt Points equal to the face value of the Stunt Die. These are then spent on special maneuvers. These are often Combat Stunts, though if you want to make up Roleplaying stunts, you can. Casters may use the Spell Stunts chart or the Divine Stunts chart if they have allegiance to a deity. Non-Casters use the Combat Stunts or Divine Stunts, depending on whether they hold allegiance to a deity. 

The Wildcard Stunt

Roll a D6. You tell the GM what you're going to attempt to do with your stunt. If you pass, you succeed. If you pass with flying colors, you ultra succeed. If you fail, you'll take an appropriate penalty for your actions. See below example:

Shaman Sam uses Wildcard. He tells the GM that he is going to attempt to spin his staff above his head while casting fireballs at his opponent.

  • If he rolls a 1: He elbows himself in the face, causing 1 damage to himself and sending a fireball into the ground.
  • If he rolls a 2-5: He looks kinda dumb slowly rotating his staff above his head, but it gets the job done. His opponent takes a fireball to the face for 1D3 damage.
  • If he rolls a 6: Shaman Jim is a total badass and looks awesome as dicks spinning his staff and flinging fireballs. His opponent takes 1D6 fireballs to the face. 
Divine Stunts
Stunt Points (SP) Stunt
1+ Wildcard: Roll a number of stunt dice equal to the amount of SP you spend.
1 Divine Protection: Get +1 to your defense rolls until your next turn.
2 Divine Attack: Get +1 to your attack rolls this turn.
2 Divine Suppression: Your opponents are at a disadvantage until your next turn.
3 Divine Benefits: Gain +1 to all your rolls until your next turn.
4 Divine Succession: Grant any of the above benefits to the next ally that takes a turn after you.
5 Divine Aggression: You and your allies gain the advantage until your next turn.
6 Divine Intervention: A deity sees your need and resolves your situation for you.
Combat Stunts
Stunt Points (SP) Stunt
1+ Wildcard: Roll a number of stunt dice equal to the amount of SP you spend.
1 Keep Your Wits: You take a moment to make sure you're mindful of everything that's happening around you. Make a TN 11 Wisdom test. If you succeed, the GM may either make you aware of some battlefield situation that has so far escaped your notice, or give you a +1 bonus to the next test you make. This bonus can never stack with any other test bonus, must be used on the very next test you make (even if you're the defender in an opposed test), and expires at the end of your next turn if you haven't used it by then.
2 Taunt: Insult or distract an opponent of your choice. Make an opposed test of your Charisma against the target's Wisdom. If you win, the target suffers a -1 penalty to attack rolls on their next turn.
2 Pierce Armor: Exploit a chink in your enemy's armor. Their armor defense is halved during your attack.
3 Mighty Blows: Deal an extra 1D6 damage this turn.
3 Speedy: Get an extra move action that can be used on this turn or on your next turn.
4 Lightning Attack: Make a second attack this turn.
4 Knock Prone: Knock your opponent prone.
5 Push Back: You may shove your opponent into any empty space within 10 ft of their current position.
5 Stunning: Your next attack stuns your opponent.
6 Sieze the Initiative: Move to the top of the initiative order.
6 Lethal Blow: Deal double damage on your next attack (double dice)
Spell Stunts
Stunt Points (SP) Stunt
1+ Wildcard: Roll a number of stunt dice equal to the amount of SP you spend.
1 Improved Casting: Increase the power of your next spell by 1 per SP spent, to a maximum of 3.
2 Skilled Casting: Reduce the cost of your next spell by 1
3 Magic Shield: Gain +3 defense until the beginning of your next turn.
3 Rapid Cast: Make an extra basic attack this turn.
4 Interruption: Make an opposing test of your Wisdom vs the spellpower of any one magical effect on a target. Success removes the effect.
5 Double Dip: If your spell only affects a single target, you may have it affect two instead this turn.
5 Last Longer: If your spell has a duration, it remains active twice as long with no additional cost.
6 Lethal Cast: Your attacks this turn deal double damage (roll twice as many dice)